New Info to QS Sojaplus and AMA pastus+ Recognition of Donau Soja, Europe Soya and organic combo certification

8 April, 2024

Since January 2024, feed manufacturers and traders are required under the QS-Soja plus and AMA pastus+ systems to use only soya that is sustainably certified and deforestation- and conversion-free.  

Donau Soja and Europe Soya are recognised as physical certification options by both systems.  

The Donau Soja Protein Partnerships are recognised as a B&C option by both systems until the end of 2025. 

Organic is not accepted  

Organic standards such as the EU Organic Label are not recognised by QS and AMA pastus+. For this reason, Donau Soja has introduced a combo certification. 

Difference to EUDR  

AMA pastus+ and QS Sojaplus differ significantly from the requirements in the EUDR, as the EUDR does not automatically recognise certification as compliant, while AMA and QS only accept certified soya. Hence, soya that meets the legal requirements is not automatically recognized by QS-Soja plus and AMA pastus+. 

 Donau Soja / Europe Soya help with compliance with all requirements. 

More information can be found here.

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