Open Letter: Donau Soja urges EU for clarity on EUDR implementation

10 April, 2024

Donau Soja calls urgently for clarity on EU Deforestation Regulation and pragmatic implementation support.

Donau Soja fully supports the objectives of the EUDR and is committed to help its members and partners in the preparation of and compliance with the EUDR.

However, there are a number of issues that need to be addressed immediately by the European Commission and national authorities in order not to jeopardise the introduction and to develop pragmatic solutions for farmers, especially in low-risk countries.

Donau Soja has written an open letter, urging the European Commission/DG Envi and national authorities to provide immediate, pragmatic guidance and clarity for:

  • Legality: There’s a pressing need for clear guidance on what constitutes “legal compliance” within the countries of cultivation.
  • EU Information System: The critical EUDR information system is yet to be operational, hindering the ability of farmers and businesses to prepare adequately.
  • Efficient use of existing farming schemes: The potential for bureaucratic overload threatens the progress made in European soya cultivation in the last years, with the risk of significant setbacks. Existing (national) schemes like under the CAP, where relevant farm data are collected already, must be used for the due diligence statement in order not to create double efforts.

The EU Commission as well as national authorities are urgently requested to do their utmost to support companies and farmers as rapidly as possible with the implementation and not jeopardise the goals of the #EUDR as well as the positive growing trend of soya in Europe in recent years.

Find our open letter here.

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