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Shaping the future together

When Donau Soja was founded in 2012 it consisted of 20 Austrian organisations. Today, that number has risen to more than 330 members from 32 countries. The Donau Soja Association includes members from civil society and the policy community, as well as members with businesses. Our business members work in every stage of the soya value chain – from seed producers and agricultural traders, to food producers and retailers.


Become a member

We invite you to join the market leaders by becoming part of our mission for a sustainable, safe and European protein supply. Membership allows you to enjoy the advantages of our continuously growing network.

As a Donau Soja member, you will be part of a dynamic organisation committed to helping you improve your business. Donau Soja helps its members changing how they source and use protein. Donau Soja is a network, an organisation, and a platform. You will receive information as well as invitations to important events and network meetings on a regular basis.

Membership is furthermore a pre-requisite for certifying specific groups (primary processors, compound feed producers and distributors) against the Donau Soja or Europe Soya Standard.

The Donau Soja Association is run according to the Donau Soja Statutes and members are required to comply with our agreement for logo use.


How to become a member

  1. Fill in the Declaration of Accession and send to
  2. The Donau Soja Board will decide upon the accession at the next board meeting.
  3. Once the membership is accepted, you will receive a welcome letter highlighting your membership benefits and opportunities to present your business to the Donau Soja community.

Your benefits as a member

As a member of our Association, you will be involved in the decision-making processes of the Donau Soja Association. You will elect Donau Soja bodies and have the right to vote at our General Assembly.

Get connected with key market players and strengthen your network

Donau Soja supports members to build influential connections and access potential partners and buyers. We facilitate specific requests and link members individually. Members receive free or reduced access to exclusive B2B networking events such as the annual General Assembly & Networking Event hosted by Donau Soja.


Market updates: receive the latest news on non-GM soya market

Members receive Donau Soja market reports on the non-GM soya market and regular newsletters. Moreover, we facilitate market information exchange between members upon request.

Advocacy & Awareness: benefit from our strong support in advocating a sustainable and European protein supply

Take action and support discussions on the future of soya on the global and European markets. We work with governments and authorities to create a better regulatory environment at national and EU levels.

Policy updates: receive the latest news on the policy developments in Europe

Members have the opportunity to participate in exclusive Donau Soja webinars and meetings informing our members about the latest policy developments in EU and non-EU countries. Our team participates in a range of expert groups and roundtables to be able to give our members the latest insights and regular updates on the EU Deforestation Regulation and beyond.

Increase your brand visibility

Through our social media channels, we are able to reach thousands of representatives from various industries. New members get the opportunity to present themselves at our platforms and the Donau Soja website. Showcase your business and products at congresses, exhibitions, and fairs with a booth offered by Donau Soja.

Showcase your carbon footprint reduction with Donau Soja

Together with us, you can showcase your carbon footprint reduction in your product resulting from the use of Donau Soja certified products. Recent investigations carried out by an independent institution show: Our Standards reduce carbon footprint of animal products by up to 40%. Furthermore, our branded datasets are available in official databases such as GFLI or Agrifootprint.

Participation in demo fields and field days

Members can get involved in Donau Soja demonstration platforms (demo fields) at reduced fees and test, analyse and promote their products. Moreover, you will get a chance to become part of our research community and receive scientific research updates.

Support in implementing our standards

We support your every step in achieving compliance with Donau Soja’s Standards. Members get free consultation on how to gain compliance with our widely acknowledged standards (Donau Soja Standard, Europe Soya Standard and Non-GM Danube Region Standard), and how to use our trademarks.

Additional services for our members


NIRS-analysis by Evonik

Donau Soja tailored, in collaboration with the German company Evonik Industries, an exclusive and innovative offer for analysing grain legumes and legume feed products. It is also applicable for example for cereals or corn.

More transparency and information about your products

A detailed nutrient profile provides a foundation for the best use of soybeans and soya feed products. This is now made easier by latest developments in the area of near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS). This technology is already widely used in agriculture, but this specific offer uses the latest calibrations of Evonik Industries and goes by that far beyond the possibilities of standard NIRS equipment. Now, it is possible to accurately measure beside the main nutrients (protein, fibre, engery and oil) also soybean processing indicators (TIA and protein solubility) as well as digestibility parameters for poultry and pig. The NIRS-analysis is also applicable for other feed-products, like corn, cereals or rapeseed.

Procedure and important points:

  • Contact the Donau Soja team.
  • Take a sample as representative as possible (approx. 200-300 grams).
  • Decide on an analysis offer and register the samples online.
  • Send these samples, according to the instructions of Donau Soja, labelled and well packed to the laboratory in Germany.


Donau Soja
Georg Spreitzer


Flyer “Near-Infrared analysis for soybean and soya-feed”

Price list for analyzing soybean and soya-feed

Workflow sample registration and shipping


LCA with SustellTM

Sustell™ is a life cycle assessment solution by dsm-firmenich, which helps to understand and improve feed and farm environmental footprints. Donau Soja / Europe Soya LCA datasets are already integrated within the tool and ready to use for your calculations.

Donau Soja members enjoy preferred terms on their Sustell™ user-license.

Read more about it here: