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Scope 3 – How to reduce your CO2 emissions with Donau Soja

Indirect greenhouse gas emissions from the supply chain, also known as Scope 3 emissions, are the hidden impacts within a company’s supply chain. For retailers, these emissions often make up the lion’s share of their total greenhouse gas emissions. Read more

Open Letter: Donau Soja urges EU for clarity on EUDR implementation

Read more

New Info to QS-Soy plus and AMA pastus+ Recognition of Donau Soja, Europe Soya and organic combo certification

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Michaela Meyer

EDEKA Südwest

We assume responsibility and consider the effects of our actions on future generations. This matter is close to our hearts.

Johann Vollmann


Donau Soja is bringing together soybean farmers, business people, soy processors and scientists. This helps me to find collaborations in soybean research.

Nataliia Gordiichuk


Donau Soja is bringing together Sustainable Soy Ecosystem around responsible consumption idea. European Protein strategy promotes sustainable food choices, key to address climate change.

Fortunat Schmid

Fenaco Genossenschaft

Fenaco cooperative is strongly committed to sutainably produced, GMO-free raw materials from Europe. Donau Soja makes an important contribution to ensuring the necessary supply of soy products.

Legume Hub

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Що таке Legume Hub? Як ви можете долучитись? Перегляньте наше ознайомче відео!

Legume Hub — це платформа, призначена для обміну знаннями та успішними практиками в ланцюжках створення доданої вартості бобових.