Ukrainian farmers can receive 15% compensation from Donau Soya for original non-GM soybean seed

4 April, 2024

Donau Soya Organisation continues to implement the “Soybean Farmers Support Project” in Ukraine.

Following last year’s successful results, and in order to demonstrate the benefits of using original soybean seed and to promote sustainable non-GM soybean cultivation as a basis for developing farmers’ capacity in Ukraine, Donau Soya decided to continue the “Soybean Farmers Support Project”. The project provides partial compensation of 15% of the cost of purchased original certified non-GM soybean seed for the 2024 sowing campaign. As last year, farmers from all regions of Ukraine with a total land bank of up to 1,000 hectares are eligible to participate,

For partial compensation, original certified seed of varieties included in the State Register of Plant Varieties suitable for distribution in Ukraine and accompanied by a certificate certifying the varietal quality of the seed.

30 farmers in 11 regions of Ukraine were compensated under the project in 2023.

Applications for participation in the project to support farmers growing non-GM soybeans started on 1 April 2024.

Project’s website in Ukrainian:

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