The Donau Soja Organisation

For a sustainable, safe and European protein supply

Donau Soja is a European, multi-stakeholder, not-for profit membership organisation supporting the European Protein Transition with a particular emphasis on sustainable European Non-GMO soya production.

It is based in Vienna, with regional offices in Serbia, Ukraine and Moldova. More than 300 members in 27 countries, 866 certified partners and 24 European governments have joined forces with a common vision.

The mission of Donau Soja
is to support partners and members in addressing social, environmental and economic challenges in soya production and consumption. This will increase efficiency, fairness and sustainability in European food and feed protein value chains.


The organisation’s most important objectives are the support of regional soya bean cultivation according to clearly defined criteria of quality:

Sustainable European Soya

We support the cultivation of sustainable soya in Europe according to European Union farm regulations and Donau Soja standards

Value Chains for Plant Protein

We are working with our members and partners to support value chain developments for European plant proteins.

Research and Innovation

We take part in research and innovation activities which support the development of European soya production

The development and implementation of the Donau Soja and Europe Soya standards is fundamental to the work of the Donau Soja Organisation. They are the foundations upon which sustainable, regional, non-GMO soya production for European-based value chains is based.

Donau Soja standard and Europe Soya standard:

give consumers the certainty that products have been produced using non-GMO soya grown sustainably in Europe

open the door to European businesses to become pioneers in providing regional, non-GMO animal feed, and serving the regional value chain

make a vital contribution to integrating the Danube region, providing economic incentives and opportunities for Danube countries (Donau Soja)

make an essential contribution to a non-GMO European protein supply

allow businesses to meet demand for sustainably-manufactured food and feed, giving them a clear competitive advantage

The Donau Soja Organisation supports:

The move towards more sustainable and healthy diets Organic farming

Organic farming

Standardised guidelines for non-GMO production in Europe

The establishment of standardised plant protection regulations for the Danube region

The establishment of a best practice roadmap for sustainable soya bean cultivation

Respected European organisations and institutions support our ambitious initiative: the food trade, large agricultural trading houses, the feed industry, oil mills, many farmers and processors, universities, civil society and environmental organisations.

Members of the Association include farmers, companies all along the value chain, research institutions and civil society organisations, who are working together to achieve our common goals. Each full member has equal rights and voting rights in the General Assembly. The Board of Directors, Presidium, Technical Advisory Board and Scientific Advisory Board are the main Association bodies.


  • Foundation

    Founded by 20 members from Austria and Germany
    1 employee in AT


  • Establishment

    Establishment of the Donau Soja standard
    Donau Soja soybeans first appear on the market
    The first Donau Soja certified company


  • ADA / GIZ

    Start of the joint “Promotion of GMO-free quality soya from the Danube region” project with GIZ


  • Growth

    Start of
    – Donau Soja GmbH
    – Novi Sad Office
    – Bucharest Office
    – Cooperation with Austrian Development Agency


  • Growth

    Start of
    – Release of Best Practice Manual
    – Establishment of Europe Soya standard
    – The first Europe Soya certified company



    Europe Soya soybeans appear on the market
    Start of Ukraine Office
    Start of Austrian Development Agency Strategic Partnership Project


  • Release

    Release of Donau Soja Protein strategy
    Start of Moldova office


  • Growth

    286 members from 25 countries
    Team of 35 people across Europe
    866 certified partners
    Start of Protein Partnership Programme


  • Growth

    Fields of Europe Standard
    New monthly Market Report
    Carbon footprint analyses


  • Growth

    Protein Partnerships in Ukraine
    Market development in Western Europe
    Nordic aquaculture campaign
    Revision of Donau Soja/Europe Soya Standard
    Restructuring the organisation
    Fields of Europe gGmbH



    Legume Hub launch
    10 years anniversary
    More than 300 members
    Representation in Romania
    Protein Partnerships in Moldova
    Aid projects in Ukraine and Moldova



The Donau Soja headquarters are in Vienna. There are three local offices, in Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova and one representative in Romania.

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