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The Donau Soja Academy stands at the heart of the educational activilies of Donau Soja Organisation for farmers, symbolising a commitment to fostering good agricultural practices specifically tailored to protein crops. The Academy serves as a central hub for the dissemination of verified knowledge, offering valuable insights into crop management and technology, with a particular emphasis on advancing the agronomy of soybeans. Through these activities the Donau Soja Academy contributes to close the yield gap in protein crops, especially in soy cultivation (remark: the yield gap is defined by the difference between the potential and actual crop yield).

The Donau Soja Academy in practice

The Donau Soja Organisation operates in several countries in Central and Eastern Europe, directly engaging with a diverse range of stakeholders within the farming community. This includes smallholders and large-scale producers, companies involved in farm input supply, the primary processing industry, and scientific institutes.

Donau Soja Academy serves as a focal point for the revival of protein crop cultivation in Europe. Through its collaborative efforts, it aims to reconnect the farming community with the valuable role of protein crops, addressing knowledge gaps and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

Key objectives and activities:

Dissemination of knowledge: The Academy provides a platform for the dissemination of verified knowledge related to protein crop cultivation. This encompasses various aspects such as tillage, variety choice, inoculation, plant protection, and weed management.

Agronomic advancements: A primary focus of the Academy is to advance the agronomy of protein crops, particularly soybeans. This involves conducting research and organising activities related to crop management and technology. 

Collaborative efforts: Donau Soja collaborates with partners, both public and private, to support its initiatives. This collaborative approach allows for a more comprehensive and effective promotion of protein crops. 

Geographically tailored activities: Recognising diversity in regions and topics, Donau Soja organises various activities and events. These include field trials and field days, online meetings, seminars, and other events tailored to the specific needs and challenges of different regions. 

New practical insights

Our annual Donau Soja Field Days are widely appreciated events within the agricultural community. We work with scientists and industry representatives to address day-to-day farming issues, such as variety choice and inoculation, as well as progressive and sustainable farming methods through field trials and product demonstrations.

Webinars and trainings

Whether in the field or in front of the screen: The Donau Soja Academy provides a platform to discuss specific farming topics in-depth and combine perspectives from local and international experts and practitioners. Examples: Donau Soja Discussion Club or tailor-made training for producers.

Publications and guidance documents

Together with universities and other recognised knowledge institutions in our regions we conduct applied research and share our findings in local educational programmes or disseminate them for example on the Legume Hub.

The Donau Soja Academy in practice

This manual offers a compilation of best agricultural practices for cultivating soya beans in the Danube region.

The Donau Soja Best Practice Manual (BPM) is a comprehensive guide for non-GMO sustainable soya bean production in the Danube region. It is a synthesis of the experiences and insights of an international group of recognised scientists, agronomists and representatives from industry and civil society.

Authors: Vuk Dordevic, Goran Malidza, Milos Vidic, Zejlko Milovac and Srdan Seremesic. Published in 2016 in Vienna. Updated in September 2020.

Since 2016, Donau Soja has been developing regional editions of the BPM.

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Leopold Rittler
Head of R&I and Member Relations