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World Soybean Research Conference for the first time in Europe in June

All around soya: Science meets business in Vienna Vienna. For one week from 18 to 23 June, Vienna will be the centre of science, economy and politics around global soya-related issues. Hundreds of scientists, feed and food producers, processors and soya experts from...

Ukraine: Sowing season ends with 1.25 million hectares

According to official information from the Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture, the sowing of soya in Ukraine is almost finished. Taras Vysotskiy, First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, announced that Ukraine has planted 1.25 million hectares of soya this year.

2022 record year for non-GM soya in Europe

Europe is aiming for a record year in soya: This year’s total soya area is predicted to grow to 4.5 million ha in 2022, which makes +4.3 % compared to 2021. Soya area in the EU-27 is predicted to expand by 12 % to a record 1.09 million ha.