Newsletter February 2023

Donau Soja celebrates over 1 million tonnes of certified soybeans

We’re thrilled to announce that we reached a significant new milestone in our mission to promote sustainable and responsible soybean production in Europe: We have achieved over 1 million tonnes of Donau Soja/Europe Soya-certified soybeans in 2022, representing 10% of Europe’s soybean production.

We’re incredibly proud of this achievement and want to extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who has been a part of it. This milestone is a testament to the tireless efforts of our members, farmers, suppliers, and partners, who are dedicated to promoting sustainable and responsible soybean production in Europe and bringing forth the plant-based revolution!


Since the last General Assembly we welcomed seven new members, including

Someno’s Tofu Ltd
Veprona GmbH
IM Bio Componj Raps Srl
Agricom Borcea SRL
Tenen d.o.o.
Zlatno Jaje doo
Valibiotics AG

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New webinar: ImPulses launch on 27 February with market news and a presentation by the agri-tech company GrainSense (online event)

Join today, 27 February (15:30 – 16:30 CET) the new Donau Soja webinar ‘ImPulses’ and benefit from the latest market insights, discuss with our market analysts, and connect with other Donau Soja members or certified partners. This online event is exclusive to members and certified partners. It also provides you with an opportunity to present innovative and new products, services, or research results.

The next event is planned for April. For any questions please contact Jasmin Karer

GrainSense new A2 version analyzer brings new usage possibilities

GrainSense has developed a handheld, portable Analyzer to test grain quality instantly on the spot.
Among other supported species and parameters, soybeans and especially their protein content have become a very important quality factor recently. Taifun Tofu, the market leading tofu manufacturer in Germany, confirms the value of this GrainSense solution.
GrainSense handheld Analyzer enables fast, reliable results of soybean quality, based on a small sample. Taifun Tofu uses the Analyzer at their acquisition points, in order to determine into which lot the grain should be distributed, according to the protein value.
GrainSense – Sense Your Grain

More Information:

Disclaimer: This text was provided by GrainSense. We support our members and provide in our newsletter an opportunity to introduce themselves to our network. Find out more about the Donau Soja Members here.

Legume Technology: Increase of soya inoculant usage across Europe

2022 has been a year of transformation for many businesses and Legume Technology is no exception. However, it has been a positive transformation for us. This year we have observed a significant increase of soyabean inoculant usage across Europe, especially Poland, where we are partnering with a farming group that successfully reaches 5t/ha yield for consecutive years and we are proud to be a part of this massive success.
We are also very glad that our support to our partners and soybean growers in Ukraine has resulted in joint success, doubling our soybean inoculant sales this year in spite of many challenges faced.

Disclaimer: This text was provided by Legume Technology. We support our members and provide in our newsletter an opportunity to introduce themselves to our network. Find out more about the Donau Soja Members here.


Donau Soja is growing: Executive Director of the Association/ New representative in Romania

With Alina Petrea Donau Soja is expanding to Romania. She was appointed as the new representative and is looking forward to strengthening the soybean community and network in the region. Soya has a long history of cultivation in Romania and faces a high potential. In the 2017-2019 period the country ranked third in the EU in terms of the production achieved.

Contact to the Executive Director Dagmar Gollan (
Contact to Romanian representative Alina Petrea (

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Donau Soja releases “Climate Change and Adaptation of Soya Farms” Atlas in Ukraine”

The “Climate change and adaptation of soya farms in Ukraine”-Atlas was developed by Donau Soja in collaboration with the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Centre and the Institute of Water and Land of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences. The Atlas provides deep insights into the impact of climate change on agricultural production and future risk. It also contains recommendations for soybean growers to adapt their production developed by industry leaders of the Donau Soja Discussion Club in Ukraine. The Atlas will be distributed to Ukrainian agricultural producers, educational institutions, and scientific agrarian institutions (the Atlas is available only in Ukrainian).

Donau Soja launches “Soya Farmers Support in Ukraine”-Project to support non-GM soya farming

The “Soya Farmers Support in Ukraine” (SFSU) project was launched by Donau Soja in January 2023 to support the use of original certified non-GM soya seeds. As part of the project, local farmers can receive a 15% compensation for the seeds, as well as training on how to use quick tests to ensure the non-GM quality of their harvest. Donau Soja also provides agricultural consultations to help farmers transition to sustainable non-GM technology. The project is expected to have up to 40 participants in the 2023 season, with more information available on the Donau Soja website.