Newsletter June 2023

World Soybean Research Conference 11 (WSRC11) 18 – 23 June

The World Soybean Research Conference is just around the corner and we would like to draw your attention to this global event in Vienna. The global soybean community will reunite for the first time live in person again after 10 years. The WSRC11 will offer an exciting multidisciplinary scientific programme as well as a comprehensive poster exhibition, featuring contributions from the next generation of scientists. Thematically the WSRC11 will cover all aspects related to soybean on more than 25 scientific sessions and workshops. Share your knowledge and network with other experts in your field.

Join us in Vienna and register here: Registration | Vienna 2023 (


-82%: Europe Soya certified soybean meal avoids CO₂ emissions

Soybean meal is one of the most widely used protein sources in animal feed globally. A recent study by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) Austria investigated the environmental footprint of Europe Soya certified soybean meal processed at AdamPolSoya (ATK Group) in Ukraine.

The study shows how the exclusive use of Europe Soya certified soybeans has a positive impact on the carbon footprint of certified soybean meal: while 1 kg of ES certified soybean meal by AdamPolSoya corresponds to 0.36 kg CO2-eq., the average soybean meal available at the European market with the usual imported soybean mix is responsible for 1.99 kg CO2-eq. Thus, AdamPolSoya avoids 82% of CO2 emissions compared to average soybean meal available at the European market.
AdamPolSoya together with ADM Straubing in Germany and Fabrika ulja Dunavka in Serbia are three newly certified Donau Soja partners. In total, 12 crushers in Europe are currently Donau Soja and/or Europe Soya certified. By sourcing certified European soybeans, these crushers contribute to the preservation of forests and other valuable ecosystems and thus to climate protection.

Contact us if you want to get in contact with suppliers of Donau Soja / Europe Soya certified soybean meal or if you are interested in reducing your carbon footprint with Donau Soja.
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Call for pilot projects: Donau Soja goes multi-crop

In 2023, Donau Soja aims to widen its scope and become a multi-crop standard for all arable crops used in food and feed.

Presently, there is already the possibility to certify other crops than soya according to Donau Soja´s principles of responsible crop cultivation. The certification is based on compliance with the requirements for the production of arable crops other than soya according to the Donau Soja principles and requirements (see annex 6 of the Donau Soja / Europe Soya guidelines).

This is your chance to start a pilot on a variety of crops including beans, peas, corn, wheat or lentils produced in Europe. Interested in registering a pilot project? To make use of this voluntary module, please apply to the Donau Soja Organization via e-mail to

New Donau Soja crusher – Dunavka d.o.o. (R. Serbia)

We are proud to announce that we, together with our partner Dunavka d.o.o., are from now on able to offer high quality Donau Soja certified oil and meal across Europe. The Donau Soja certificate assures that soya products are in non-GM quality, of European origin and in line with the sustainability and traceability elements of our standard.

Since 2018, Dunavka d.o.o. located in R. Serbia, has been operating as part of corporation Delta Agrar. The main activity of the factory is the processing of sunflowers and soybeans, and the products obtained are crude oil and meal. Dunavka d.o.o. fully tracks the entire supply chain: from the field to the consumer implementing strict quality control at each stage.

Fabrika ulja Dunavka d.o.o.
Voje Bogdanovića 43
12220 Veliko Gradište, R. Serbia
For additional information and product specification, please contact
Mr. Živko Đoković – Commercial Director


We welcome our new members:

B-C-R: Organic/non-GMO soybeans for the local market – and beyond
Bio Componj Raps is a processing company from the Republic of Moldova, located in a strategically important place in the north of the country, in the city of Lipcani, Briceni district, 2 km from Romania and 15 km from Ukraine. The factory is currently processing organic and non-GMO/GMO-free soybeans. Since 2022, we received certificates in accordance with the following international quality standards: EU Organic, BioSuisse, COR (NOP equivalent), ISCC, GMP+. We are allowed to export product lots under Donau Soja and Naturland. By joining the Donau Soja network in 2023, we want to achieve a better positioning as processors on the local market and the expansion of collaborative relationships with new partners from EU and non-EU countries in Europe throughout the entire soybean value chain on the continent.

Bio Company Raps

Valibiotics’ microbial soil and plant strengthening agents – an alternative
The Swiss VALIBIOTICS AG is a partner company to the Austrian biotech company Valibiotics GmbH (former NOURIVIT TECHNOLOGIES GMBH). We offer microbial soil and plant strengthening agents and natural minerals for conventional and organic farming. The common business objective is to reduce the use of fertilizers and chemical pesticides by providing affordable and efficient alternative solutions. Through our engagement with the DS network, we seek to establish new partnerships and collaborations.


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Join our ImPulses meeting in June

ImPulses is a bi-monthly online meeting that provides up-to-date market information and brings members and certified partners together. ImPulses is a platform to build new connections, to discuss burning topics of the food and feed sector and to present latest innovations – exclusively for members and certified partners.
The next ImPulses will take place on 26 June, 15:30 – 16:45. The topic will be “Market update & sustainable soya for egg production”

For any questions, please reach out to Jasmin Karer at


Save the date: Donau Soja General Assembly 2023

12 September 2023 | Vienna, Austria

Location: International Danube Exchange (Börse für landwirtschaftliche Produkte in Wien e. U.)
Taborstrasse 10, 1020 Vienna

This was the Non-GMO Summit 2023!

This May, 200 stakeholders from 19 countries gathered in Frankfurt to strengthen and develop the European non-GM soya market together. Donau Soja, as one of the hosting organisations, was represented on stage by Senior Advisor Susanne Fromwald, among numerous inspiring representatives from a variety of industries and regions. We are still overwhelmed by the great panel discussions, the productive atmosphere and all the positive feedback we received. If you missed this fantastic event, you will be pleased to hear that due to the large interest, the organisers are already discussing a 2024 edition of the summit. Stay tuned!

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