Donau Soja on World Food Day, 16 October: Food security in Europe through climate protection and without deforestation

13 October, 2023

Europe needs a comprehensive Protein Strategy

Vienna. On the occasion of the UN World Food Day on 16 October, the organisation Donau Soja reminds of the urgency of a European Protein Strategy for Europe’s food security. However, our protein supply must also prevent deforestation and promote climate-friendly measures. Currently, only about one percent of soybeans are grown as a valuable protein crop in EU countries. This is not enough to meet the protein demand on our continent. This gap in Europe’s protein supply can be closed by several measures, including the expansion of soybean cultivation in countries inside and outside the EU. “In total, 15 million tonnes of sustainable and GMO-free soy could be produced in Europe by 2030. The remaining 15 million tonnes should only come from sustainable and certified sources from overseas”, says Donau Soja President Matthias Krön.

Comprehensive Protein Strategy for Europe

Donau Soja has developed a Protein Strategy for Europe. Such a strategy to secure the food security of Europe’s population requires not only the expansion of regional soya cultivation, but also imports from sustainable sources overseas, the promotion of alternative protein sources, more efficiency in livestock feeding and a more plant-rich and meat-poor diet among European consumers. Donau Soja has been able to massively strengthen the cultivation of soya in Europe in recent years. In total, more than four million tonnes have been certified so far and more than 13,000 farmers in Southern and South-Eastern Europe have adopted more sustainable farming practices.

Protein Strategy must be sustainable

The implementation of a European Protein Strategy not only reduces poverty by strengthening local farms and markets, but also promotes environmental protection by preventing deforestation and strengthening climate protection and biodiversity. A healthier and more sustainable diet of legumes like soya not only improves people’s health but also reduces nitrogen emissions that pollute soil, air and water. In this way, the Danube Soy Protein Strategy also supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Donau Soja is a non-profit, independent association who supports its partners and members in progressing change to address social, environmental, and economic challenges in soya, legumes and protein production and consumption. This will increase efficiency, fairness and sustainability in European food and feed protein value chains. Donau Soja is supported by the Austrian Development Agency (ADA).