Ukraine: Exports of agricultural goods up another 25% in June to 2.17 million tons

6 July, 2022

Soybean exports stable in first half of the year at around 500,000 tons

Kyiv – According to the latest data from the Ministry of Agriculture of Ukraine, in June 2022 Ukraine exported 2.17 million tons of grains, legumes, oilseeds and by-products, which is 470,000 tons or 25% more than in the previous month. This is another enormous increase and corresponds to a quadrupling of the export quantities of agricultural goods overland since the beginning of the war.

Soybean shipments totaled 71,000 tons in June, compared with nearly 67,000 tons exported in May 2022. “Thus, soybean exports from Ukraine in the first half of the year reached the level of the previous year. Around 500,000 tons were exported to Western Europe by land and via inland shipping, including on the Danube river. The supply of the European non-GM markets – especially in the DACH region – is therefore still sufficient”, says Volodymyr Pugachov from Donau Soja in Kyiv.

Donau Soja supports Ukrainian soybean farms as part of the Protein Partnership Programme. “We expect Ukrainian farmers to produce around 650,000 tons of sustainably certified non-GM soy in 2022. The Donau Soja Partnership Programme is mainly supported by the German food retailers, the certified quantities of Donau Soja/Europe soya beans are then available to the entire market from the harvest in autumn”, Pugachov said.

Graph 1: Exports Ukraine HY 2021/2022

Graph 2: Exports agricultural products Ukraine June 2022

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