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A Sustainable, Safe and European Protein Supply.

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Upcoming Events

International Non-GMO Summit 2023

Strengthening and Securing the Non-GMO Market

9 - 10 May 2023
Hilton Frankfurt Airport, Germany


The first International Non-GMO Summit aims to bring together producers and traders from South America and Europe to share information about the availability and production needs of Non-GMO crops. Retailers and food brands will be in attendance, speaking about their sustainability and deforestation commitments and Non-GMO strategies. Forums like this International Non-GMO Summit are a vital tool in helping to build stable, fair and long-term value chains for sustainably produced crops in Europe and overseas and, therefore, to meet consumer demand and ensure the availability of Non-GMO and conversion-free products.

WSRC11 - The 11th World Soybean Research Conference

18 - 23 JUN 2023
Vienna, Austria


We would like to announce that the World Soybean Research Conference is coming to Europe for the first time! This global conference will take place from 18 – 23 June 2023, in Vienna and Donau Soja is heading the organising committee. The opportunity to host this important scientific event for the first time in Europe is a special honor and a much-appreciated acknowledgement of the enhanced international cooperation fostered by the European soybean research community.

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Donau Soja ImPulses

This bi-monthly online meeting provides up-to-date market information and brings members and certified partners together. ImPulses are a platform to build new connections, to discuss burning topics of the food and feed sector and to present latest innovations. Members and partners are invited to submit their ideas and wishes for that meeting via this survey.
In 2023, we have scheduled 6 meetings:

27 February
24 April
June (tba)
August (tba)
October (tba)
December (tba)
For any questions, please reach out to Jasmin Karer.

Save the date:
Donau Soja General Assembly 2023

12 SEP 2023
Vienna, Austria

Börse für landwirtschaftliche Produkte in Wien e. U.
Taborstrasse 10, 1020 Vienna

What our members say

Michaela Meyer

EDEKA Südwest

We assume responsibility and consider the effects of our actions on future generations. This matter is close to our hearts.

Fortunat Schmid

Fenaco Genossenschaft

Fenaco cooperative is strongly committed to sutainably produced, GMO-free raw materials from Europe. Donau Soja makes an important contribution to ensuring the necessary supply of soy products.

Johann Vollmann


Donau Soja is bringing together soybean farmers, business people, soy processors and scientists. This helps me to find collaborations in soybean research.

Nataliia Gordiichuk


Donau Soja is bringing together Sustainable Soy Ecosystem around responsible consumption idea. European Protein strategy promotes sustainable food choices, key to address climate change.

Donau soja
protein strategy

Due to suitable climate and soils, many European farmers are remarkably good at growing cereal crops such as wheat, barley and maize. This supports high levels of production of carbohydrate-rich grains used mostly to feed livestock.

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