Certification bodies

Certification Bodies

Non-Gm Danube Region Standards

Donau Soja certification bodies constitute the second stage of the Donau Soja certification system. Donau Soja certification bodies are accredited to ISO / IEC 17065 and authorised by the Donau Soja Organisation to conduct Donau Soja / Europe Soya / Non-GM Danube Region Standard certification. These bodies are commissioned by companies (farmers, agricultural collector, trader, primary processor, compound feed producer, processor, animal keeper, etc.) to conduct external inspections and certifications.

The following certification bodies are currently approved for our standard(s):

Donau Soja & Europe Soya


ABG – Austria Bio Garantie GmbH/ agroVet GmbH (AT-DS-01)

Aciter Inspection LLC (UA-DS-02)

Bioinspekt d.o.o (HR-DS-01)

Bureau Veritas d.o.o (SVN-DS-02)

Control Union Certification Ltd. (NL-DS-01)

CSQA Certificazioni S.R.L. (IT-DS-01)

FoodChain ID Certification Ltd. (UK-DS-01)

Jugoinspekt – Novi Sad d.o.o. (SRB-DS-03)

KIWA Agri Food (UK-SD-02)

LACON GmbH Germany (DE-DS-01)

Organic Control System (SRB-DS-01)

Organic Standard Ltd (UA-DS-01)

ProCert AG (CH-DS-01)

QAL GmbH (DE-DS-02)

SGS Austria Controll-Co. GmbH (AT-DS-02)

SGS Beograd d.o.o. (SRB-DS-02)

SLK GesmbH (AT-DS-03)

Non-Gm Danube Region Standards

Bioinspekt d.o.o. (HR-DS-01)

Organic Control-System (SRB-DS-01)

SGS Belgrade d.o.o. (SRB-DS-02)

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