Inspection systems

Donau Soja and Europe Soya certification guarantees a complete monitoring of Donau Soja and Europe Soya produce from farm to consumer.

The inspection system of the Donau Soja and Europe Soya Standard is defined in the “Core Principles of Inspection (Overview)” as part of Donau Soja and Europe Soya Standard.

Three-stage inspection system:

Self-monitoring within the companies, and obligatory quality assurance schemes during the processing stages

External certification: independent certification bodies perform audits on site and issuing valid Donau Soja/Europe Soya certificates only to compliant companies

Integrity programme: on a regular basis, Donau Soja Organisation performs integrity audits carried out by trained staff, or in cooperation with external certification bodies or external experts

Risk-based Donau Soja Inspection System

The Donau Soja inspection system is risk-based. Different risk categories are applied to determine the risk level for the cultivation of soya bean and the individual risk for all other certified companies in the supply chain.

The risk categories are the baseline for the determination of the frequency of external inspections and supervisory inspections as well as the applicability of certain additional quality assurance requirements (e.g. GMO analysis, pesticide analysis). The risk assessment and audit frequencies are summarised in Annex 4 “Risk-based Donau Soja Inspection System” of the Donau Soja and Europe Soya Standard.

Traceability throughout the supply chain

The Donau Soja and Europe Soya traceability system guarantees that certified products are segregated from non-certified sources at each stage of the supply chain. The traceability system comprises all certified companies registered in the Donau Soja IT database, as well as our partners who are listed on our website as certified partners. To ensure the traceability of raw soya beans, an IT-based lot certification system is in use. Certificate of traceability may additionally be issued by the primary processor to the marketer.

Donau Soja and Europe Soya Guidelines:

The Donau Soja and Europe Soya guidelines provide the detailed requirements for the implementation of the inspections system for soya beans cultivation and operations as well as for risk levels and frequency of inspections. It provides the details for complete monitoring of the origin of the produce and for implementing a non-GM status along the entire processing chain.

Operations already certified by Donau Soja Organisation can be found here, certified products here.

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