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Record high for soybean output in Europe: 11.5 million tonnes

Record high for soybean output in Europe: 11.5 million tonnes

Donau Soja expects all-time high of EU soya harvest in 2023 Vienna. Europe is expecting a record year for soybean output, the organisation Donau Soja announced one month before this year's harvest begins. The European harvest is expected to reach a total of 11.5...

Vienna is Soya Capital of the World this week

Today marks commencement of Europe’s first Soya World Conference The 11th World Soybean Research Conference (WSRC11) commenced today, for the first time taking place in Europe. 150 years after the first globally significant presentation of soybeans at the 1873 Vienna...

EU Deforestation Regulation: A step forward but with deficits

Positive effect on climate will start only from the year 2020 Vienna/Berlin/Bern. - Donau Soja welcomes the decision of the EU Parliament to adopt the EU Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) yesterday. The new legislation obliges companies to prove from the end of 2024...

International Non-GMO Summit 2023 on May 9-10th in Frankfurt Germany

High-level Representatives of the full Non-GMO Value Chain to Meet at Unprecedented Global Conference Vienna/Berlin/Bern – This May (9-10th) will see the first ever International Non-GMO Summit taking place in Frankfurt, Germany. The Summit will be an unprecedented...

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