As a Donau Soja member you will be part of a dynamic organisation that is commited to helping you improve your business through the development of soya. Donau Soja is about supporting members in changing how we source and use protein. Donau Soja sees itself as a network, an organisation, and a platform. You will receive information as well as invitation to important events and network meetings on a regular basis. As a full member you will have the right to vote at the Donau Soja General Assembly. For certain groups (primary processors, compound feed producers, and distributors), being a member of Donau Soja Association is a prerequisite for being certified.

The Donau Soja Association is run according to the Donau Soja Statutes and members are required to comply our agreement for logo use

Here you can download our Declaration of Accession in Ger​man​ and in En​glish​.