The Donau Soja Protein Partnership Agreement (DSPPA) supports small and medium sized farms in disadvantaged regions, especially outside the EU (Serbia, Moldova, Ukraine, Bosnia & Herzegovina), in their entry into sustainable and GMO-free soya production. In the long term, this will enable physical flows of goods to be established in Europe and certified sustainable soya from Europe to be made available for the European market. By participating in the partnership programme, local farmers receive training and advice. Furthermore, farmers and agricultural collectors are certified free of charge. This leads to the fact that also in the third countries (Non EU), where 2/3 of the European soya is produced, the significantly higher EU standards and the Donau Soja requirements, that go beyond EU standards, are fulfilled.

Reduce pressure on sensitive ecosystems

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ACT commodities is responsible for sales concerning the Donau Soja Protein Partnership Agreement (DSPPA). The company serves more than 5,000 customers from all over the world and helps companies achieve environmental compliance, voluntary environmental goals and aids them in the sale of (bio)fuels and renewable feedstock.