Our Aims

The Donau Soja Organisation aims to support the sustainable development of Europe’s farming and food businesses by improving the production and use of protein for European consumers. The Organisation’s most important objectives are the support of regional soya bean cultivation according to clearly defined quality criteria. This includes:

  • supporting the cultivation of sustainable soya in Europe according to European Union farm regulations and Donau Standards
  • establishing value chains with and in members’ businesses, contributing to a European supply of plant protein
  • supporting research and innovation activities that support the development of European soya production

The development and implementation of the Donau Soja and Europe Soya standards is fundamental to how the Donau Soja Organisation works. This is the cornerstone of supporting a sustainable, regional, GMO-free soya production for European-based value chains. The Donau Soja and Europe Soya standards:  

  • give consumers the certainty that products have been produced using soya grown sustainably in Europe
  • open the door to European businesses to become pioneers in providing regional, GM-free animal feed – serving the regional value chain
  • make a vital contribution to integrating the Danube region, providing economic incentives and opportunities for Danube countries (Donau Soja)
  • make an essential contribution to a GM-free European supply of protein
  • allow businesses to meet the demand for sustainably manufactured food and feed, giving them a clear competitive advantage

The Donau Soja Organisation supports

  • the move towards more sustainable healthy diets
  • organic farming
  • uniform guidelines for GM-free production in Europe
  • establishing uniform plant protection regulations for the Danube region
  • establishing a best practice roadmap to ensure sustained soya bean cultivation