VLOG recognises Donau Soja & Europe Soya standards

Since end of June, an agreement between VLOG (German Association Food without Genetic Engineering) and Donau Soja has made it possible for Donau Soja system partners that a successful certification based on the Donau Soja/ Europe Soya standard can be recognised as equivalent to a certification based on the VLOG standard. Thereby, additional auditing is avoided.

Donau Soja/ Europe Soya system partners who have successfully been tested for the requirements of the Donau Soja/ Europe Soya Standards in their Donau Soja/ Europe Soya audit can now supply Donau Soja/ Europe Soya feed for the production of "ohne GenTechnik" (no genetic engineering) labelled food, which is evaluated as equivalent to "VLOG geprüft" (verified by VLOG) feed, on the basis of this certification. For VLOG-certified companies, this has the great advantage that Donau Soja/ Europe Soya feed is generally classified as "non-risk", which makes it possible to reduce analyses. At the agricultural level, it is also possible to extend inspection intervals. VLOG recognises the Donau Soja/ Europe Soya certification as equivalent to certification according to the VLOG standard.

This option is open to all Donau Soja system partners who are certified according to the Donau Soja/ Europe Soya Standard for the following scopes:

  • Agricultural soya bean collector and primary collector
  • Soya trader
  • Soya bean primary processor
  • Compound feed producer

Due to this recognition, it is now possible for system partners to mark feedstuffs certified according to Donau Soja/ Europe Soya with the "VLOG geprüft"-seal of VLOG. The prerequisite for this is a licence agreement with VLOG (contact +49 30 2359 945 00 or info(at)ohnegentechnik.org).

VLOG is the holder of the German "Ohne Gentechnik Produktion- und Prüfstandards" (non-GM production and certification standards). The VLOG standard supports companies at the level of feed, agriculture, processing and trade in implementing the legal requirements for the German "ohne GenTechnik"-labelling of foodstuffs. It defines uniform controls for certification bodies to check compliance with the criteria in the EG-Gentechnik-Durchführungsgesetz (EGGenTDurchfG). VLOG grants licenses for the uniform "Ohne GenTechnik"-seal based on certifications according to the VLOG standard and standards recognised by it as equivalent.

Donau Soja is an international and non-profit organisation with headquarters in Vienna and regional offices in Serbia, Moldova and Ukraine. Under the brands "Donau Soja" and "Europe Soya", the Donau Soja Organisation promotes sustainable, GMO-free soya cultivation in the Danube region and throughout Europe. The Donau Soja and Europe Soya Standard and their associated control guidelines are the basis for the certifications.