The Donau Soja Organisation consists of a non-profit association, a 100% non-profit subsidiary (Donau Soja GmbH), and offices in Moldova, Serbia and Ukraine.

For details concerning the structure of the Donau Soja Organisation, please refer to the Donau Soja Statutes.



The Donau Soja organs are the General Meeting, the Board, the Steering Committee (Presidium), the Treasurer, the Secretary, the Auditors, the Advisory Board, and the Scientific Advisory Board.



The Ordinary General Meeting is the "members' meeting" and is to be held annually, within nine months after the fiscal year has ended. 



The Board may consist of up to 13 persons and currently has 13 members. The Board meets six times a year and is responsible for decisions regarding the Donau Soja Guidelines as well as for projects and strategies. 

Matthias Krön (Chairman)Donau Soja
Stephan Dorfmeister, MBA (Treasurer)Donau Soja
DI Ernst Gauhs (Deputy Chairman)RWA Raiffeisen Waren AG
Dr. Johann Schlederer (Deputy Chairman)Verband Österreichischer Schweinebauern (Austrian Pork Farmers Union)
Ruud TijssensAgrifirm
DI Rudolf BühlerBäuerliche Erzeugergemeinschaft Schwäbisch Hall (Farmers Union Schwäbisch Hall)
Piero CirianiSoia Italia
Giorgio della BonaCereal Docks
Florian FaberARGE Gentechnik-frei (Platform for GMO-Free Food Products)
Natalia HordiichukAgritema
Francois PaybouEuralis
Mag. Lukas WiesmüllerSpar Österreichische Warenhandels-AG
Mag. Josef WillimBAG Ölmühle (BAG Oil Mill)

The Board is supported by Stephan Dorfmeister, MBA as Treasurer, and Mag. Iga Niznik, MA as Secretary

Auditors are Mag. Ernst Ternon, MBA and DI Karl Fischer.



The Steering Committee (Presidium) settles suggestions offered by the Board. They may be accepted or rejected. The Steering Committee currently consists of 13 persons from businesses and organisations.

Dr. Joachim EderLfL Bayern
Dr. Michael GohnFritz Mauthner Handelsges.m.b.H & Co KG
Mladen JovanovićVictoria Group
Jakub LunterAlfa Bio
Dr. Daniele MarcominOleificio San Giorgio SPA
DI Adolf MarksteinerLandwirtschaftskammer Österreich
Michaela MeyerEDEKA
Mag. Hermann MittermayrBio Austria
DI Amos RamsauerAgriprotein GmbH
Anna SeiwerthMagyar Szoja Nonprofit Kft.
Carsten Lentz StormSodrugestvo
Fortunat SchmidFenaco Genossenschaft
DI Michael WurzerZentrale Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Österreichischen Geflügelwirtschaft (ZAG, Central Consortium of Austrian Poultry Farmers)




Donau Soja Association has two advisory boards covering two different task areas, an Advisory Board as well as a Scientific Advisory Board.



The Advisory Board supports and counsels the Association in decisions of content and consists of 9 persons from both the private business sector and civil society. 

Dr. Helmut GaugitschUmweltbundesamt (Austrian Environmental Agency)
DI Martin GreßlAgrarmarkt Austria
Dr. Csaba GyuricaNAIK
Benedikt HaerlinZukunftsstiftung Landwirtschaft (Foundation for Agriculture of the Future)
Françoise Labalette Terres Univia
DI Thomas ReslAWI
Dr. Gunter SchallAustrian Development Agency
Sebastian Theissing-MateiGreenpeace




The purpose of the Scientific Advisory Board is to provide the Association with independent scientific advice to support the full range of Donau Soja's activities. This includes an advice on how Donau Soja should plan its own scientific investigations and take position on wider scientific matters. The overall goal is to support evidence-based decision making. The Scientific Advisory Board consists of 9 persons from a diverse range of scientific backgrounds, including from universities and research institutes. Its composition is designed to integrate different research disciplines and backgrounds relevant to the development of sustainable cropping systems using soya and the development of related value chains.

Dr. Svetlana Balesevic-TubicInstitute of Field and Vegetable Crops, Novi Sad
Prof. Franc BavecUniversity of Maribor
Dr. Marion GirardAgroscope
Dr. Volker HahnUniversity of Hohenheim
Prof. Svitlana KalenskaNational University of Life and Enviromental Sciences of Ukraine
DI Christian KrumphuberLandwirtschaftskammer Österreich (Austrian Chamber of Agriculture)
Dr. Cristina MicheloniAssociazione Italiana per l'Agrocoltura Biologica (AIAB, Italian Association for Organic Farming)
Dr. Robert SchätzlBavarian State Research Center for Agriculture (Institute for Business Management and Agrarian Structure)
DI Dr. Johann VollmannUniversität für Bodenkultur Wien (BOKU, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna)

The following association and commercial authorised signatories have been registered as of April 2014.



Managing Director:       DI Klaus Palmetzhofer