Best Practices Manual

This manual assembles best agricultural practices for the cultivation of soya beans in the Danube region. This comprehensive manual by Serbian authors of the Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops, NSSEME, was improved by a stakeholder process in 2015. During this process soy experts from Austria and Germany, representatives of NGOs and the crop protection industry made valuable contributions and Danube Soya conducted recommendations for a sustainable use of plant protection products (see Appendix). Thus, this manual together with these recommendations can contribute significantly to the development of sustainable soya bean cultivation in the Danube region.




The Best Practice Manual is currently available in English:

DS Best Practice Manual 2016

DS Best Practice Manual 2016 Appendix I (currently not available)

Please find also a useful BBCH classification here at this link.



For producers of soya beans within the Danube Soya program, the BPM offers a non-binding recommendation.

Please find here further information on the Danube Soya Standard and the requirements for producers.