Inedit was established in 1998. Its name suggests ‘original, undiscovered, and unique’ in Romanian.

What distinguishes the company? It came up with a new concept for the market— ready made soya products quickly propelled it to market leader.

In 2007 the company was acquired by Dr. Oetker Romania, taking it to another level of development and market presence. As a result of constant investments, improvement of its products, and good PR, Inedit is still the number one producer of soya products in the country today, and it does not intend to stop there.
Inedit’s current product range is wide: ranging from tofu in brine, vegetal cheese, soya mayonnaise, soya smoked sausages in brine, to soya croquettes in tomato sauce.
So far Inedit is the company with the widest range of soya products in Romania, and the plans is to keep it that way for years to come. Its owners are proud to carry products that are free from taste intensifiers, made from directly processed soya beans.
The company’s 2016 goal is to increase market presence even more, and to continue to educate the public by promoting a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of incorporating soya products into your diet.