Best Practices Manual

The Donau Soja Best Practice Manual (BPM) is a comprehensive guide for sustainable soya bean production in the Danube Region. Since 2015, Donau Soja is coordinating the further development of the BPM in different country versions and supports the development of further information materials on cultivation. Here you can find an overview of the available resources: Manuals


Vuk Dordevic, Goran Malidza, Milos Vidic, Zejlko Milovac and Srdan Seremesic, 2016. Donau Soja Best Practice Manual. Donau Soja, Vienna.

Updated in September 2020


For producers who grow soybeans under the Donau Soja certification, the BPM provides non-binding recommendations. More information about the Doja Soja Standard and the requirements for farmers can be found here.