OK-Net EcoFeed

New project launched for organic pig and poultry farmers to find solutions for 100% use of organic and regional feed

A new project – OK-Net EcoFeed – aimed at helping organic pig and poultry farmers in achieving the goal of 100% use of organic and regional feed was launched on 22 January 2018. A key objective of organic farming is that animals are fed with feed produced at or near the farm. Yet, this is difficult to achieve in large parts of Europe. Organic feed and livestock production are concentrated in different regions. Animal feed often has to be imported from regions far away from where the animals are raised. The problem is most challenging for protein feed, which is sometimes even not available in organic quality.

Soybean is the most commonly used and cultivated protein source for pig and poultry in Europe. The Donau Soja Regional Center in Novi Sad will contribute to the project by providing knowledge contained in an innovative supply-chain based on organic soybeans. All knowledge and expertise generated by the project will be formatted in practical fact sheets and videos and made available on the OK-Net Knowledge platform for breeders, farmers and industry in Europe.

OK-Net EcoFeed Website

Questions to the project?

Send your request to: Leopold RITTLER, rittler(at)donausoja.org

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 773911