Saatzucht Gleisdorf GmbH

Saatzucht Gleisdorf GmbH is a traditional Austrian plant breeding company which is owned by RWA AG (66.7%), Alwera AG (29.3%) and the Styrian Chamber of Agriculture (4%). The breeding company aims to meet the requirements of farmers for high-performance, high-yielding varieties and to focus on the future requirements of the market.

At the location in Gleisdorf breeding of corn, Styrian oil pumpkin, legumes (summer and winter faba bean, soybean and scarlet runner bean), proso millet, buckwheat and intercrops as well as the production of breeders seed is performed. In recent years, the breeding intensity has been increased with regard to protein crops, especially the soybean. The Saatzucht Gleisdorf GmbH is also integrated in national and international research projects in terms of plant breeding. Depending on the specific cultural requirements, additional locations in different Austrian cultivation areas are selected for testing, selection and production of breeders seed. Trial exchanges with foreign plant breeding companies are conducted as well.

Saatzucht Gleisdorf GmbH
Am Tieberhof 33
8200 Gleisdorf

Maria Bernhart (soybean breeder)
Johanna Winkler (head of group of alternatives)