The EcoToast – invented by EST GmbH - is the solution for a regional supply of soy feed. It enables very efficient soybean processing with minimal effort and cost directly on your own farm. The compact toaster is available with throughput starting from 100kg per hour up to 1.000kg per hour. Taking into account that the EcoToast is made for 24/7 operation you can process from 100tons up to 8.000 tons per year.
EcoToast makes it possible to feed GMO-free with basically no additional cost compared with imported GMO goods. The EcoToast also enables cost-optimized GMO-free protein supply as well in industrialized as in developing and emerging countries.
Processing Soybeans directly on your farm saves CO2 for transport and also gives you the freshest possible soy feed you can process optimized for your livestock.
Also taking into account that regional soy feed supply saves or even creates jobs in rural areas we call Ecotoast Ecoefficient³ - which means Ecological efficient, Economical efficient and Ecosocial efficient!

Using EcoToast offers advantages for everybody:

  • Farmers and Food producers – very cost efficient processing

  • Consumers – GMO free food at similar cost as GMO

  • Environment – highest energy efficiency in processing and shortest transport routes 

More information can be found on For international inquiries please contact the international partner Agrel GmbH (