EiVita KG

Austria's first and only Egg-powder Plant, including Pasteurisation and Drying, goes into production in 2013.
The establishment and construction of EiVita Austria KG in 2012, as a sister company of Gnaser Frischeiproduktions GmbH, was a necessary investment made in order to enhance the hygienic and value added cycle of source identifiedegg products,which originate from Austrian farmer-producers then proceed through the packing centre and are delivered to the end-consumer.
With the production of exclusively Austrian Whole-egg, Egg-yolk and Egg-white Powders we meet the needs and requirements of the food industry and thus the consumers as a whole.

Production - High-Tech in Styria
More and more Bakeries, Confectionaries, Noodle Producers and Convenience-food Producers now rely heavily on egg-powder, due to production safety (undesired microbe/bacteria) concerns.
Every phase of production at our EiVita plant is conducted in a covered area of 4000 m².
Our powerful SANOVO system operates 24 hours a day in accordance with the provisions and hygienic requirements of IFS Standards Version 6 and under the constant supervision of our process engineers.
The safety requirements that are necessary for the food industry are guaranteed through the use of Automatic Liquid Transfers and the CIP Cleaning.

Egg Products
We ensure the highest standards for our customers
EiVita processes about 120 million Austrian eggs every year, Organic Free-range, Free-range and Deep-pen barn eggs. That converts to about 1500 tons of dried egg-powder and thus covers about 55% of Austria's needs (Statistics Austria 2010).