Austrian Soy Association

The Austrian Soya Association was founded by Austrian soya players in 2008 with the objective to make soya from Austria known. The association now counts more than 30 members.

The aim of the association is to make the Austrian population aware of soya as a part of a balanced diet. Soya is an Austrian crop and should be perceived as such. Hence, we are supporting the sustainable cultivation of soya in Austria and the promotion of a non-GM way. Consumers get a better access to information regarding soy and soy food products. With a 42 % protein content, soya beans are the perfect source of protein.

The majority of the members of the Austrian Soy Association use organic beans and do therefore not use any pesticides. The cultivation of conventional beans is subject to stringent plant protection directives. Recommendations of the advisory board of soil protection and soil fertility and all other valid legal conditions are met strictly and partially implemented even stricter.
In 2012 the Soya Research Award has been awarded for the first time and will be awarded biennially henceforward.

We encourage soya food products, as in our opinion, soya food should be part of a varied and balanced nutrition.
We refuse genetic engineering and guarantee that our products are produced with non-GM raw materials.
We support organic farming and the processing of organically produced soya beans.
We cultivate a fair and trusting relationship with Austrian farmers.
We are working sustainable and value-based and stand up for fair competition.
We see environmentally and climate protective strategies as a very significant part of our business principles.
We foster the knowledge about soya beans in the Austrian society, its cultivation in Austria, its processing and the health benefits of the plant.

Austrian Soy Association

Wiesingerstrasse 6/9
1010 Vienna

Tel.: + 43 1 512 17 44 11