AgrEat: eating with taste, eating with respect


Quality agriculture contributing to the importance of correct nutrition: this is AgrEat, the latest addition to the SeedFuture Group. With this commitment, AgrEat enters the large-scale retail channel with vegetable-based products and a fully controlled production chain.  

The "Dieci e l'Orto" range is intended for all discerning consumers, offering simple and tasty recipes made with vegetable ingredients, such as patties, burgers, lasagne, croquettes, pies, pizzas and Ascolane olives. Dishes suitable for various eating times, such as appetizers, main courses for lunch or delicious snacks between meals, are an inspiration for the table of those who seek wellbeing also in taste. 

This range is entirely made of organic raw materials, right from the field: a strict path, implemented alongside Italian farmers to ensure maximum transparency for all consumers. 

Why all this commitment? Because we believe in the need to create a virtuous circle in which nature nurtures people's wellbeing and people are committed to maintaining the wellbeing of the environment.

How was the idea of ​​AgrEat born?

"We wanted to add another element to the areas in which our group moves, to get as close as possible to a circular economy system. With AgrEat, we have closed the circle: AgriTrade's carbon credits are used in AgriBio and the organic raw materials from AgriBio are the basis of AgrEat food products that arrive on everyone's tables. It is a value system that generates high-quality supply and well-being for us and the planet."

What differentiates the products in AgrEat’s “Dieci e L’Orto” line from the plant-based products already on the market?

"There are several elements. First of all, there are raw materials, which are organic and totally Italian. Then there is the supply chain, with very high-quality standards and guaranteed by rigorous controls, that begins in the field. Finally, a high degree of transparency in all stages allows us to meet the expectations of discerning consumers, who are looking for taste and quality, but also a guarantee of respect for the environment."


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