Benefits for members

If you become a member, you have the right to vote at our general assembly and to use the trademark according to our guidelines. Our members decide on the membership fee, the budget, the Donau Soja Guidelines and the statutes; they are electing the Board, Presidium and Advisory Board and the Scientific Board.

Your benefits as member:

  •  Regular updates about the international Donau Soja network and its activities via our newsletters, meetings and membership information
  • Joint lobbying of national, regional and EU governments for improved conditions for soya growing, processing and usage
  • Network exchange between the Donau Soja members during our regular meetings and events and the facilitation of specific requests to link members with one another
  • Information regarding potential partners and customers in Europe and beyond
  • Invitations to events where members are represented and can participate
  • Representation through Donau Soja at various international events
  • Reduced entry fee at the International Donau Soja Congress, at Donau Soja conferences, B2B Meetings and other events
  • Invitations to B2B Meetings
  • Support for accessing buyers and partners
  • Representation by Donau Soja in the media
  • Involvement in decision making processes of Donau Soja related issues
  • Access to market information and advice
  • Participation in research related to breeding and growing soya beans
  • Inclusion in demo fields and field days and reduced prices for sponsorship
  • Consultation on implementing the Donau Soja Standard and related quality and food safety issues
  • Use of the trademarks Donau Soja and Europe Soya in cases with a specific contract or under our general guidelines
  • Statistical update on a regular basis and a market report representing the current soya market twice a year
  • Participation by stakeholder processes, this can have a major influence on politics and economy, such as plant protection and original seed

We warmly invite you to become a member of our association and to contribute to a sustainable European protein supply. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.