Donau Soja is a platform providing a foundation of networks and are research supporters on the field of soy production for the Danube Region and beyond.



Donau Soja is an organisation with clear well-developed governance structures including a Scientific Advisory Board consisting of 10 members from a diverse range of scientific background. It provides independent scientific advice to support the full range of Donau Sojas activities. The overall goal is to support evidence-based decision-making.


International research cooperations - CELIA

On November the 9th 2015, Matthias Krön Managing Director and Chairman of Donau Soja and representatives of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences signed a Memorandum of Understanding to support the Chinese-European Legume Improvement Alliance (C-ELIA) in the future. Donau Soja is now playing a leading role in boosting cooperation between China and Europe in the development of protein crops.


Mega-Environmental Trials

In 2014, the round-robin test referred to as “mega-environmental field trial” was conducted in order to improve and standardise the maturity group determination of a wide range of soya bean varieties.


Isotope database

In 2014 Donau Soja and Imprint Analytics started the first comprehensive global isotope database for soya beans. In 2016 we completed the analysis and evaluation of over 650 GPS-referenced soya bean samples from two harvest seasons from the Danube region, Europe and worldwide.