Soya Bean Farmer (Producer)

Are you a soya bean farmer interested in marketing your beans as Donau Soja or Europe Soya respectively?

Donau Soja and Europe Soya beans are GM-free soya beans produced in the Danube Soya or Europe Soya region in accordance with EU-wide and international labour and social standards (ILO conventions) as well as EU plant protection regulations.

By signing the Donau Soja or Europe Soya Declaration of Self-Commitment respectively, soya bean farmers confirm compliance with all Donau Soja or Europe Soya requirements. Certification by an external inspection body is only required for soya bean farmers located in a production area risk level 3 (BLR, MDA, UKR).

General requirements (valid for all risk levels):

  • signing the Declaration of Self-Commitment or confirming compliance with the Donau Soja or Europe Soya requirements respectively on the shipping document and forwarding this Declaration to the agricultural collector
  • use of desiccants prior to harvest (e.g. glyphosate or diquat) shall be prohibited, and other restrictions on pesticide use (e.g. use of agrochemicals listed in the WHO lists 1a and 1b shall be prohibited as of 1 January 2019)
  • participation in the implementation of the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) with mandatory cross compliance inspections; alternatively, the producer shall participate in an ISCC certification programme or an equivalent sustainability certification programme
  • shall follow the recommendations contained in the Donau Soja Best Practice Manual (see DOWNLOADS)
  • no directly commissioned inspection / certification required (except risk level 3 countries)

Additional requirements for Belarus, Moldova and the Ukraine:

  • use of original seeds
  • registration at Donau Soja Organisation
  • directly commissioned inspection / certification

For more information, please refer to the Donau Soja Guidelines (R 01) or Europe Soya Guidelines (R 01) respectively.



The declaration of self-commitment has to be signed by every Donau Soja or Europe Soya farmer respectively and submitted to the next partner of the value chain together with the invoice.

Here you find the declarations of self-commitment for harvest years 2018 and 2019 for DONAU SOJA soya bean deliveries from the following countries:  

AUSTRIA harvest 2018

AUSTRIA harvest 2019


BOSNIA and HERZEGOVINA harvest 2018

BOSNIA and HERZEGOVINA harvest 2019 

CROATIA harvest 2018

CROATIA harvest 2019


CZECH REPUBLIC harvest 2018

CZECH REPUBLIC harvest 2019

Germany harvest 2018

GERMANY harvest 2019

(Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg) 



HUNGARY harvest 2018

HUNGARY harvest 2019



ITALY harvest 2018

ITALY harvest 2019

(Trentino Alto Adige, Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto, Emilia-Romagna, Lombardia, Piemont, Vallée d’Aoste)


MOLDOVA harvest 2018 (на русском языке)
MOLDOVA harvest 2019 (на русском языке)



POLAND harvest 2018

POLAND harvest 2019

(Dolnoslaskie, Opolskie, Slaskie, Swietokrzyskie, Podkarpackie, Malopolske)



ROMANIA harvest 2018

ROMANIA harvest 2019



SERBIA harvest 2018

SERBIA harvest 2019



SLOVAK REPUBLIC harvest 2018

SLOVAK REPUBLIC harvest 2019



Slovenia harvest 2018

SLOVENIA harvest 2019



SWITZERLAND harvest 2018

SWITZERLAND harvest 2019



UKRAINE harvest 2018

UKRAINE harvest 2019

(Uschgorod, Tschernowzy, Winniza, Odessa, Lwow, Ternopol, Chmelnizkij, Iwano-Frankovsm)


Here you find the declarations of self-commitment for harvest years 2018 and 2019 for EUROPE SOYA soya bean deliveries from the following countries:  

Please note: Donau Soja certified produce may be used in Europe Soya programmes, but Europe Soya certified produce shall not be used in Donau Soja programmes due to a wider geographical scope!

BELARUS harvest 2019


France harvest 2018

France harvest 2019



Germany harvest 2018

Germany harvest 2019



Italy harvest 2018

Italy harvest 2019



Poland harvest 2018

Poland harvest 2019


RUSSIA  harvest 2018

RUSSIA harvest 2019


SPAIN harvest 2019



UKRAINE harvest 2018

UKRAINE harvest 2019


United Kingdom harvest 2018

United Kingdom harvest 2019