The Europe Soya programme has been established to promote and propagate the cultivation, processing and marketing of GM-free, origin-controlled quality soya from Europe. The aim is to develop and guarantee a GM-free protein supply in and from Europe. 

The requirements of the Europe Soya Guidelines correspond with those of the Donau Soja Guidelines, only the origin of the soya beans is not limited to the Danube region, but to whole Europe. Food produced from or using Europe Soya soya beans may be labelled as "Europe Soya" or "fed with Europe Soya".

The Europe Soya Standard also offers the possibility of the "Quantity Equivalence System", which enables the joint processing and/or storing of certified Europe Soya soya beans and/or products that comply with the "Approved by Europe Soya" criteria (AB-ES soya beans).

Certification bodies approved by Donau Soja Organisation are also allowed to certify Europe Soya. Operations wishing to certify as Europe Soya may of course also do so either in conjunction with Donau Soja or as Europe Soya alone.

Donau Soja certified produce may be used in Europe Soya programmes, but Europe Soya certified produce shall not be used in Donau Soja programmes due to a wider geographical scope.


You can find all relevant Europe Soya documents in our DOWNLOAD section.