Likra Tierernährung GmbH

About us

LIKRA Tiernährung GmbH has been successfully active in the animal feed industry as a private firm for over 50 years. As a full range supplier we produce prepared feeds, concentrates, mineral feeds and highly concentrated premixes for all types of livestock. LIKRA, as a pioneer in the feed production, has increased the profitability in agriculture and through strict compliance in the production has set new quality standards.

Group Headquarters LIKRA Tierernährung, production site Linz


In the course of the years through company takeovers and participation with competent enterprises the brand variety could be extended. In Austria approx. 100,000 animal feed are produced yearly in both LIKRA Linz and Marchtrenk locations.

Likra production site, Marchtrenk


Quality policy

LIKRA considers themselves a part of the food production. Hence, security and quality of our products have the uppermost priority. To reach these high quality requirements we undergo a huge number of voluntary certifications.

Sales Structure

In Austria, forming a widespread network, more than 200 of our private regional LIKRA distributors throughout most of Austria guarantee prompt on-site service.

Supported by over 35 LIKRA sales consultants from almost all provinces who provide LIKRA-agro-dealers with individual feed consultations. Divisional managers at LIKRA provide professional support and regular training to our sales consultants.


Likra Tierernährung GmbH

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