Einböck GmbH & Co KG

The 80-year-old success story of Einböck began in 1934 with the founding of a black smith shop. Even in those difficult times they were optimistic about the future. Working with a small, simple workshop they showed optimism and established a sound foundation for the development of the company.

Leopold Einböck is the third generation to be running a family business steeped in tradition that is specialized in agricultural machine for mechanical cultivation and grassland care. For more than 20 years Einböck has been a pioneer in developing machines for organic cultivation and care. Nowadays customers from more than 30 countries all over the world are impressed by the products of Einböck.​

Einböck – Better tillage. 

Please visit the website of Einböck GmbH & Co KG​ für more information: www.einboeck.at