A properly functioning isotope database is an effective tool for determining the origin of certain goods.
To establish a comprehensive isotope database, product samples must be taken from around the world and examined according their specific isotope pattern. Similar databases are already in use for Styrian pumpkin seed oil, PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) and other products of protected origins.

In 2014 Donau Soja and Imprint Analytics started the first comprehensive global isotope database for soya beans. In 2016 we completed the analysis and evaluation of over 650 GPS-referenced soya bean samples from two harvest seasons from the Danube region, Europe and worldwide.

Due to this isotopic fingerprint analysis and consolidated data interpretation an elaboration of regional isotope characteristics has been identified. The resulting database will be used in future to determine the origin of soya beans and provide a foundation for the traceability of soya bean samples.

The Donau Soja isotope database has been subsidized by the Austrian Ministry of Agriculture.