Donau Soja seeks...

Call for Tenders

Call for tenders for the Strategic Partnerhship “Building sustainable, inclusive and well-functioning value chains for non-GM soya and organic soya in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Moldova and Ukraine” (ADA/Donau Soja):

Expert Carbon Footprint Calculations

 The service provider shall Conduct

  • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of greenhouse gas emissions from soya production
  • Calculation of climate impacts of relevant food products
  • Knowledge transfer to selected Donau Soja employees 

Closing Date: 31 January 2020

For further information see call for tenders


Call for tenders for the project for increasing the competitiveness of the Moldovan agri-food-sector (ADA/EU):

Public relations, international

Through the medium of public relations, the service provider will write press articles and support the public relations work of Donau Soja in both consumer and production countries relating to farming and food production, particular the sourcing and use of plant protein.

Closing Date: 29 October 2019

For further information see call for tenders