Donau Soja field days of sustainable soybean production

In the frame of the “Protein transition tour 2018”, Serbia and Croatia, as important soybean producers,  joined other European countries on the path of transitioning to the sustainable European non-GM proteins and celebrated 140 years of soybean production in Europe.
The Donau Soja demo field days of sustainable soybean production were organised in cooperation with 20 partners, on 14 June in Lugovo, Serbia and on 28 June in Osijek, Croatia.

The field days were attended and supported by the national policy makers sharing the joint vision of promoting sustainable soybean supply from the Danube region and highlighting the importance of adding value to the local economy through certification and transparent market labelling.

The best practices in sustainable soybean production were demonstrated to more than 400 participants (soybean producers, input providers, cooperatives, silos, processors, feed compounders, livestock producers, traders, food companies) in both countries, showing the diverse domestic soybean assortment, specified machines for weed control in combination with plant protection product application and foliar fertilisers.

The Donau Soja certification and label aims at adding value to local agriculture and businesses, supporting farmers, creating transparent markets and providing to the consumers the right to choose locally produced non-GMO food. Through strong media support, the field days spread the message of the importance of non-GMO Donau Soja certification and labelling to a wider audience.