Victoria Group


Victoria Group, one of Serbia's leading companies in the field of agro-industry and one of the largest producers, exporters and investors in the region, is a business system comprised of ten member companies – Sojaprotein, Victoriaoil, Victoria Logistic, Fertil, Veterinary Institute Subotica, SP Laboratory, Port Backa Palanka, Riboteks, Victoria Phosphate and Victoria Starch. The Group's core activity includes procurement and distribution of oilseeds and grains, processing of oilseeds and production of finished and semi-finished food products for human consumption, production and distribution of fertilisers, production of animal feed, pharmaceutical and biological products. The products are sold in 40 markets worldwide, of which 80% goes to the European Union countries. Over the last ten years, Victoria Group has invested over EUR 200 million in Serbia.

Sojaprotein and Victoria Logistic, Victoria Group's member companies, have strategic roles within the Group.

Victoria Logistic ensures the supply of raw agricultural products that are to be processed in the factories Victoriaoil and Sojaprotein, and is also engaged in trade, distribution, transport and storage of agricultural goods. As a market leader in the purchase of oilseeds and grains Victoria Logistic successfully cooperates with 40,000 farmers through more than 300 agro partners, organises primary agricultural production and supplies the farming community with the highest quality input materials – mineral fertilisers, seeds and pesticides, while also offering advice and professional support to help farmers achieve high and stable yields. Every year through pre-financing Victoria Logistic invests around EUR 60 million in primary agricultural production.

Sojaprotein is the largest soybean processing factory in Serbia, and thanks to the diversity and quality of its products and a processing capacity of 250,000 tons per year, it also ranks among the most important soybean processors in Central and SouthEastern Europe. Sojaprotein has a wide assortment of soybean products, which range from protein to oil products: soy protein concentrates, flour, grits, textured products, crude oil, lecithin; which are used in the food and feed industries, as well as in the pharmaceuticals industry. Sojaprotein's consumer brand is SojaVita – a wide range of finished products for human consumption. Only non-genetically modified soybean of strictly controlled origin and quality, is processed in the Sojaprotein factory, which gives added value to the entire range of products distributed on foreign and home markets. In line with the company's policy to continually develop quality system and adopt all relevant international standards, the Identity Preservation Programme, certified by Switzerland's SGS, has been implemented. This programme defines the process for preserving genetic purity from seed production to delivery of the final product, with strict adherence to control procedures for all segments of the supply chain and the production process, and clearly defines traceability and documentation.