Toni's Handels GmbH

Toni's free range eggs

Toni’s -free range eggs (“Toni’s”) is based on an ambitious and highly successful project. An association of 120 farmers have committed themselves to Toni’s standards regarding animal-friendly farming conditions, strict controls and absolute hygiene. The Toni’s standards had been drafted in close cooperation with animal protection associations as well as farmers and are binding upon every farmer in the association.

Every hen has an attractive shaped outdoor enclosure with trees, bushes and herbs. The hens are fed with guaranteed vegetable feed and the hens lay their eggs in nests which consist of natural materials.

Toni’s is not just market leader in free-range farming in Austria; moreover the products are also marketed in Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, Czech Republic and the United Arabian Emirates. For Toni’s, market leadership means a permanent processes of improvement, in order to analyse, how we can make things better. We at Toni’s make every effort to provide the market with healthy and valuable food.

Alongside free-range eggs and organic free-range eggs, the product portfolio of Toni’s covers a wide range of products, such as boiled and coloured Easter eggs, organic sheep milk and organic goat milk yoghurts and egg liqueur.

Beside of the aforementioned standard products, Toni’s has also created a unique product:

“Toni’s Babette”: These organic free range eggs are laid by an old special Chilean hen breed. These special hens laying less eggs than an average hen, but what makes these eggs so unique is the different colour of shells, whereby the range is within the spectrum of light-green to dark brown. Furthermore the yolk is larger and has a deep yellow coloration. Therefore these eggs suits perfectly for breakfast and baking.