The Vegan Society

Plant-based solutions and vegan living are the mission of The Vegan Society.  Founded in 1944, we are a Registered Charity in England and Wales and the oldest vegan organisation in the world. 

We educate about crop farming, plant-centred diets and vegan beliefs for the benefit of humans – including farmers, doctors and policy makers, as well as individuals seeking food security, healthy diets and lives free from animal use – for the benefit of non-human animals, and for the benefit of our planet.

The Vegan Society see European protein crops, including legumes such as soya as well as seeds such as hemp, as key to our work.  Soya products for first-hand human use can support thriving farmer livelihoods, healthy diets for all EU residents, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions, as well as reducing the exploitation of non-human animals. 

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