The Svarog West Group joined the Danube Soya Association in early 2015 as the first Ukrainian company. 
Svarog's key businesses are crop production (80 000 ha land bank in Western Ukraine), seed production (growing, processing), organic projects, livestock farming, horticulture, modern storage of produce and IT product development. 
Svarog West Group ensures high quality development of traditional businesses due to the usage of eco-friendly, climate-smart agriculture, and innovative and resource-conscious production technologies. 
Svarog started their GMO-free soya bean cultivation in 2006. They produce soya with an average yield of 3,8 t\ha on 38 000 ha of land, resulting in a gross production of 140 thousand tons in 2014. 
The company produces seed material with high quality characteristics from Canadian, Austrian and Ukrainian selections for the production of commodity soya beans, and cooperates with international partners on implementing breeding programs (breeding trials with up to 70 varieties, variety trials, field experiments with over 100 demo plots, a seed plant, a lab complex, breeding machinery, and 9 elevators).
Company specialists have developed a new technology of soya bean seeding that improves the production process. This includes the development of precision agriculture, an IT management system as well as new tillage and sowing machinery in cooperation with European partners. The new approach was applied in the 2015 sowing season. 
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