Soya UK Ltd

Soya UK Ltd is a seed company who have been working with the soya crop since 1998.  Many years of trials and development has given us a comprehensive knowledge of the crop and we are active throughout the whole production process – from plant breeding through to delivery of the soya bean crop to end users.

We have a direct relationship with a number of soya breeders and Soya UK varieties have a number of beneficial features in terms of plant architecture, ease of harvest, earliness, and adaptation to northern latitudes.  This is incredibly important for growing soya in northern Europe, where earliness and ease of harvest, are key to successfully growing the crop.

We are also active in promoting these varieties in other countries, so interested parties can contact us to discuss trialling our varieties in their home markets.

In any given year, we have many dozens of farmers growing soya for us in the UK, with Soya UK providing the growers with seed, agronomic advice and marketing of the final crop.

Our marketing activities involve us supplying UK non-GMO soya beans to any different markets within the UK, including human consumption and animal feed markets.


Soya UK Ltd
Longways House, Burnetts Lane, West End, Southampton, SO30 2HH, UK.

Contact David or Jacqui McNaughton on +44 2380 696922
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