Serbia Organica - Nacionalno urdruzenje za razvoj organske proizvodnje

The national association for development of organic production “Serbia Organica” is an independent, non-governmental and non-profit civil organization. It was established in 2009 on the initiative of the Ministry of agriculture and interested parties within the organic sector as the umbrella association that would support organic development and promote organic agriculture in Serbia.
“Serbia Organika” joins a whole organic sector within the Serbian territory (producers, processors, distributors, certification bodies, associations, centers, educational and scientific institutions). Moreover Serbia Organika is a strategic partner to governmental and foreign institutions in projects related to coordination and harmonization of compliance in the organic agriculture in Serbia. Thanks to the soil, climate and agricultural tradition, Serbia, which already produces food of excellent quality and taste, is recognized as a big potential producer of certified organic food. Following the passed seven years, there has been a substanti al global increase in the demand and consumption of above-mentioned products. With this increase of the world market for organic food, Serbia has a strong opportunity to, throu gh its exports, satisfy this growing demand. Achieving this, Serbian certified organic food has a potential of achieving a notable international presence. The national association, Serbia Organica, represents a fo unding and crucial pillar for the development of organic production in Serbia.

   Our mission is to make organic farming stable and competitive on both the national and international markets. Serbia Organica is a focal point when it comes to information on organic agriculture sector and provides matchmaking and B2B liaison opportunities. Moreover, it carries out market research and facilitates connections with foreign buyers. As a national association we promote research and development in organic farming and attract experts in the sector, and in addition we also conduct various promotional and awareness raising campaigns in order to develop, advance and disseminate organic production information and know-how. By virtue of our position we have access to information related to the entire organic sector of Serbia. Our activities are an integral part of the National Action Plan for Organic Production Development in Serbia. Serbia Organica aims to encompass all the elements with the ultimate goal of promoting the values of organic production

“Serbia Organica“ cooperate with the Ministry of agriculture, and protection environmental protection, in issuses:

  • provision of advice related to legislation, joint promotion of organic production,
  • brainstorming and exchange of experience in the sector of organic production,
  • active participation in the training and provision of data to agricultural households related to importance and possibilities of organic production etc.

“Serbia Organica” is a memeber of the international organizations like FOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) AVALON (Foundation for improvement of sustainable rural development of Central and East Europe) ISOFAR (International Society of Organic Agriculture Research)


  • to improve health of people, animals and environment protection, to conserve nature and especially to preserve natural resources,
  • to help domestic organic business environment to become reliable and competitive supplier on Serbian and foreign market.


  • to support development of organic agriculture, to support export of organic products,
  • to support development of local market for organic products, to harmonize interests of all stakeholders in organic value chain, to support fair and sustainable principles.

We have established:





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