Rizobacter is an Argentinian company strongly committed to delivering sustainable solutions to farmers around the world. Throughout Rizobacter´s 40-year history, excellence in quality and continuous innovation has been central, enabling the company to develop state-of-the-art technologies in the formulation process to position itself at the forefront of the biological products segment. Strategic alliances with renowned companies expanded the company´s product line to include adjuvants and crop nutrition products. Whether through its 9 subsidiaries or local partners, Rizobacter has commercial presence in over 25 countries worldwide.

Image 1. From top left and clockwise: main headquarters; growth chamber for QA and R&D, Experimental Farm and Production plant, all in Pergamino, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Committed to maximize the contribution of biological nitrogen fixation to European agricultural systems and improve their sustainability, its formulations are able to deliver specifically selected rhizobia strains that generate a synergic relationship with legume plants and minimize dependence on chemical nitrogen fertilizers. Plant growth promoting microorganisms and bio-control agents are also part of what the company has to offer to enhance efficiency and lower the environmental impact of farming activities.

Whether it is an upstream application made by seed companies or an on-farm use, the company has specific solutions that adapt to each segment, covering a wide array of grain and pasture crops. Its footprint has already been established in France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Ukraine and Russia, and is expected to further expand.

Strict quality analysis procedures, certification according to international standards, a precise traceability system and adaptability to client needs are the fundamental stones on which the 440 employees of Rizobacter stand to make the firm one of the global leaders in the provision of high-class biological products.