REWE International AG

REWE International AG operates around 2,500 stores through the retail brands BILLA, MERKUR, PENNY, BIPA and ADEG. It is market leader in Austrian food and drugstore retail, and – with around 41,000 employees – one of Austria's biggest employers. The company is part of the German REWE Group, one of Europe’s leading retail and tourism companies. In Austria, REWE International AG owns a range of widely known private labels such as the organic brand Ja! Natürlich, clever, Wunderlinge, Da komm ich her!, VegaVita, Chef Menü, Wegenstein and MY. The company also operates in the tourism market, with ITS BILLA Reisen, JAHN REISEN and Transair (MEKRUR Ihr Urlaub, PENNYreisen and BILLA-Vorteilsreisen).

From its headquarters in Wiener Neudorf, REWE International AG not only manages its Austrian business, but also via retail brand BILLA REWE Group’s super-market business in seven Central and Eastern European countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, and Ukraine. In Austria and abroad, REWE International AG employs more than 75,000 people and operates around 3,600 stores. In 2015 the company generated a gross turnover of  EUR 12,54 billion.