Pannonia Ethanol

Pannonia Ethanol produces fuel ethanol and animal feed. The company is part of Ethanol Europe Renewables Limited and is located in Dunaföldvár, Tolna County, Hungary. The facility currently utilizes more than 1,000,000 tons of corn annually to produce 450 million litres of renewable ethanol, 325,000 tons of Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles (DDGS), a high protein animal feed, and 10,000 tons of corn oil, a great animal feed ingredient. Pannonia Ethanol produces as much animal feed as renewable ethanol.

The Pannonia Ethanol refinery operates sustainably with high levels of process efficiency that eliminates waste and optimizes output of feed and energy, creating a virtuous economic and environmental cycle that benefits the climate. The Dunafoldvar facility is a leading supplier of ethanol to the European market.

Ethanol, is clean, renewable and reduces GHG emissions in transport vehicles by as much as 90% with average reductions currently certified at 65%. It is a proven and reliable technology that is the most cost efficient way currently available to reduce GHG emissions from transport on the scale that is needed to mitigate climate change. 

The animal feed produced in equal quantities to ethanol is a much sought after high quality protein feed.  Branded “Pannonnia Gold” it is exported to countries throughout Europe.  The DDGS captures the protein content of the corn processed and actually enhances the quality of the feed. It greatly reducing the need for Europe to import animal feed and guarantees GMO and antibiotic free supplies for livestock.

Pannonia Ethanol’s renewable ethanol production integrates the local agricultural communities with investment, innovation and providing the premium animal feed. Almost all of the feed corn processed by Pannonia Ethanol comes from Hungarian family farms. A stable and predictable demand increases the security of the market, leading to development and investment in sustainable farming and growth of local average yields.

Pannonia Ethanol, the leading renewable ethanol producer in Central and Eastern Europe, adds nearly EUR 500 million to Hungary’s GDP and supports 2000 jobs, mostly in rural areas.