PAE "Agroprodservice"

Private Agricultural Enterprise “Agroprodservice” was founded at 1999. In 17 years our company has established itself as a responsible and reliable partner which is dealing with the Ukrainian and international partners.
Main activities of Agroprodservice- are crop production, seed production, animal breeding, horticulture, modern storage of products and processing.
By its fruitful work and new approaches to agricultural sector Agroprodservice  took the top position in animal breeding, namely in pig breeding. Land Bank have been increased every year and in 2016 the company cultivates more than 40 000 hectares of land.

In 2016 based at the Company was launched Ternopil Meat Plant. This provide opportunities for a complete closed cycle from crop production to meat production. Which has been successfully implemented in own retail stores and Ukrainian supermarkets.
In 2012 has started working a Seed Plant with capacity of 360 tons per 1 day. For many years Agroprodservice is elite enterprise of seed crop production. It produces such seeds as: wheat, barley, soybeans and peas.

Every year Agroprodservice increase the area for soybean. In 2016 had been planted more then 6,500 hectares, in an average yield of 2.2 tons / hectares. This was due to the new approaches and with the using better seed of leading manufacturers.
In 2016 started work Soybean Plant. Modern equipment  works at the Plant that allows to get excellent results and also to provide processing 100 t / day of  input raw material. The power plant is 32 800 tons / year of input raw material. This allows to get more than 3 700 liters of soybean oil and 26,000 tons of oilcake.

Agroprodservice in 2016 launched the annual Agricultural Innovation Forum "Novezernyatko". Thisprovide opportunity to familiarize with the latest technologies in the field of seed production, handling and processing of high-quality seed. Also demonstrated technology of cereals growing, leguminous crops and  industrial crops at more than 120 demonstration sites, which are using in its activity.

PAE Agroprodservice