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My-lab International is a Network of independent Laboratories which offers their services together on one web platform.
my-lab's WEB plattform offers dedicates anaytical services for:

my-lab offers analytical services for the quality control of each step of the food production chain starting with the raw material and finishing with the final product and packaging. my-lab supplies all analytical methods to check for compounds that might be regarded to cause a risk for the product or the consumer.

The quality of feed directly determines the quality of meat, eggs, milk and other animal food. A lot of scandals in the past, e.g. dioxines in eggs or genetically modified soy, showed that there is a need to enhance quality control. my-lab experts support feed producers to setup a risk assessment and a quality control strategy including all types of chemical and biochemical analysis.

water is the base of life. Therefore the demands on the quality of our water especially our drinking water are high. But also possibilities of contamination should be taken in mind. Veterinary drugs, human drugs and pesticides are frequently discussed as water pollutants. my-lab offers all analytical methods needed to check the quality of water as well as to check whether the water complies with the national and European regulation.

The analysis of soil is an elementary part of environmental testing as well as of agro testing. The laboratories of the my-lab network cover all these issues.

The knowledge about materials surrounding us, coming into contact with our food or even with the ourself is very important. Within the my-lab network we have laboratories dealing with migration of chemicals into food, experts for the analysis of textiles, leather and other materials surrounding us.

Individual analytical services
The services of the my-lab laboratory network are diversified, specialized and distributed. my-lab sets up task and problem oriented packages of analysis.

my-lab experts for the customer service normally are chemists, food chemists. They have several years of experience.

my-lab International GmbH